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CaraLynne McLean

CaraLynne McLeanCounsellor
Based in North Vancouver, BC, I strive to bring an approach that appreciates the multi-dimensional reality of the world we live in. Let’s begin to restore or bolster the existing balance in your life together.

In some way or another we all strive for inner balance.

The ability to achieve a sense of inner balance may be affected by a multitude of variables: external and internal pressures, loss, grief, anxiety, trauma and/or one’s own self-imposed expectations. These can occur without warning, or percolate slowly until they become unmanageable.

In this hectic world, achieving a sense of balance can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope.

You may have noticed a red thread in this website’s background. I utilize this red thread to symbolize how sometimes the “threads” that keeps us balanced can begin to unravel or fray. It is not always easy to allow ourselves the time to notice the changes in the fabric of our lives. Nor is it easy to take the time necessary to regroup, assess and mend the threads, yet doing so is an essential part of living well and maintaining balance.

I view psychological or emotional wellbeing much the same way as I do physical wellbeing – it requires care, time and maintenance.

As a counsellor, I know that making the decision to feel better does not always come easily. Society, media and even our personal social interactions sometimes impose the unrealistic expectation that we must experience our lives as blissfully happy. When the “threads” unravel or fray, it is difficult to reach out and seek help without feeling that there is something wrong with who we are. I thank you for having the courage to reach out now, and to consider making positive strides towards inner and outer well-being.

My private practice consults with other professionals to provide you with the best, up to date and proven treatment options. We will utilize a number of methods, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to help change the thoughts, behaviour and emotional responses that may be affecting your current ability to cope with, or to manage, the issues in your life.

The real-world experience I’ve gathered over the years informs my counselling approach. I bring a perspective that is steeped in empirical experience and knowledge. I believe that you are a vessel of knowledge – if you choose to work with me, we will follow your lead, hear your voice and attempt to understand your world together.


  • Emotion-Focused Family Therapy
  • Family Based Treatment (FBT)
  • Eating Disorders

Currently Becoming Certified:

  • Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE)