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S.A.D. – Beware this acronym!

Are you feeling SAD? I mean, are you experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder? As we all know, the month of March is just around the corner.  The worst of the winter weather is on the verge of being officially over.  Soon, we’ll be readying our gardens and replacing our warms woolies with k-way jackets and shorts.  […]


Taking time

Sometimes, when I see clients in my private practice, I hear a quiet, or at times very loud, plea to have things get better quickly.  I can honestly say, through first hand experience, that enduring pain, suffering, grief, loss, distress and discomfort can feel unbearable.  The desire to stop these emotions, at any cost, may […]


Children and Food

I am on a committee called the “north shore education committee for disordered eating” in North Vancouver,BC.  As you might imagine the subject of eating disorder prevention is on the top of our agenda.  Rarely a day goes by that I do not hear someone mention, either subtly or overtly, that they experience a varying […]