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S.A.D. – Beware this acronym!

Are you feeling SAD? I mean, are you experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder? As we all know, the month of March is just around the corner.  The worst of the winter weather is on the verge of being officially over.  Soon, we’ll be readying our gardens and replacing our warms woolies with k-way jackets and shorts.  […]


New Year’s Resolutions – It’s never too late

For those of us who choose to partake in the Mount Everest-like challenge that is the New Year’s resolution, it seems the odds may be stacked against us. Statistically, the likelihood that an individual will keep their new year’s resolution is not something I’d bet the proverbial farm on.  In fact, a study by the […]


Surviving Christmas Article in North Shore Outlook

On December 21st, the North Shore Outlook featured my article with tips to survive Christmas.  While the holidays are over, a lot of these tips can be used throughout the year to simply your life and help you de-stress.  Click here to link to the online article or see below.   North Shore residents: Ease […]