Since this is my first blog, I thought I’d share a little bit about myself.  As you can tell by my website, I am a clinical counsellor in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  I’ve recently opened a practice on Queensbury, Avenue.

As a community based psychotherapist, I offer counselling services for individuals seeking to improve their mental health.  I view individuals as whole beings made up of many parts. Your mental health is an important and essential part of a healthy life.   Just as physical health requires care and attention, and at times tweaking, so does one’s psychological health.  Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, loss, anger or relational issues, I am here to help guide you in your quest to feel better.  Your journey toward positive life changes need not feel daunting, because we will work together to discover and unearth what I believe you already possess within.   With a little guidance, a compassionate ear and some helpful tools you begin to lessen negative symptomatology that you are experiencing and reach the goals you choose to set.

In designing my private office in North Vancouver, I was steadfast in my desire to create a space that would allow my clients to feel safe and secure.  The result is a confidential, warm and open space.  My office hours are flexible to meet your needs and there is ample parking.  CaraLynne McLean Counselling seeks to meet you where you are.  In addition to regular office hours, I offer early morning, evening and/or weekend appointments.  I seek to honour your life, and in doing so, I seek to take away the stress of scheduling issues.  When you enter my office you will find a peaceful place.  CaraLynne McLean Counselling is a place just for you, where for one hour you can simply be.

My blog will cover issues that may relate to individual wellness, child therapy, family counselling, couples therapy, anger issues, anxiety, depressive symptomatology, eating disorders, grief or loss and many others.   The purpose of my blog will be to provide you with insight and tools to maintain and/or better your current mental health.  Hopefully through my blog you will glean a tip or two that will keep you healthy and provide you with the possibility for optimal health care.  I look forward to your comments and our journey together.